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About SOI

SOI (Silicon Optronics, Inc.) is a CMOS image sensor design company founded in May 2004 and listed in the Taiwan Emerging Market under ticker number 3530. The management team is comprised of seasoned executives with extensive experience in pixel design, image processing algorithms, analog circuits, optoelectronic systems, supply chain management, and sales.

SOI’s main products:
SOI products comprise of two main lines:  Area Sensor and Linear Sensor.  Area sensor is the fastest growing segment with high growth potential in the mobile market for smart phones and tablets, notebook applications such as PC cam and webcam, digital still cameras, and security and surveillance systems.
The linear sensor segment serves the market for document scanners, multifunction printers (MFPs), barcode scanners, and fax machines.  This market continues to grow with the increasing proliferation of new applications such as counterfeit money scanners and portable scanners.

SOI’s Core competence
In order to strengthen its sensor design capability, SOI reorganized and enhanced its design team in 2012 with world-class CMOS sensor designers and development engineers. SOI fully leverages this seasoned CMOS imaging sensor design team with the availability of high-volume silicon foundry, packaging, and testing subcontractors in Asia to rapidly make the most cost-effective and technologically competitive sensor available to meet market and customers’ requirements.