Area Sensor

SOI has launched a series of new area sensors targeted at various applications in the mobile consumer market, notebook, tablet, security, and PC cam segments. Depending on market requirements, we have a portfolio of both raw or SOC sensors. We work with leading ISP and multimedia processor partners to provide the best technical solution and low cost raw sensor combination to our end customers. Our highly integrated SOC sensors have an on-chip ISP that performs sophisticated image processing functions such as color recovery and correction, lens shading correction, noise reduction, edge enhancement, gamma correction, image down scaling, defect correction, auto black level calibration, auto exposure (AE) and auto white balance (AWB). These SOC sensors basically enable our customers to have a one-stop solution for a camera on a chip.

Our sensors are designed with superior low-light sensitivity and low dark-current performance. We have collaborated with world-class foundry partners to customize processes that allow us to bring this level of performance in a competitive cost/performance ratio. In addition to silicon foundry partners, SOI has also established a back-end supply chain that can provide sensors in a variety of package formats.For mobile market, either chip-scale-package (CSP) or chip-on-board (COB) formats are available. For IP cam or security markets, SOI can supply ceramic or organic leadless carrier packages.

SOI Available Product List

Part Number Resolution Pixel Size Optical Format Frame Rate Package Solution
JX-V01 VGA 5.6 1/4" 100fps CSP RAW
JX-H42 720p 3.0 1/4" 60fps CSP RAW
JX-H62 720p 3.0 1/4" 60fps CSP RAW
JX-H61 720p 3.75 1/3" 60fps CSP RAW
JX-H65 960P 3.75 1/3" 60fps CSP RAW;HDR available
JX-F02 1080p 3.0 1/2.7" 60fps CSP RAW;HDR available
JX-F22 1080p 3.0 1/2.7" 60fps CSP RAW;HDR available
JX-K02 1080p 3.0 1/2.7" 60fps CSP RAW;HDR available